Historical Places in Pune

Pune has got an important bookmark in the pages of history. It has got many important historical places which still attracts lot of people. Here some of the main historical places in Pune are listed.

1. Sinhagad – This is one of the major forts in Pune which was under Chatrapati Shivaji. The name of fort was Kondhana. It was under the control of his general and when he died in an attack from Mughals he renamed the fort as Singhagad. So it is a place you should visit in Pune.

2.Agarkhan Palace – This palace is under Gandhi National Memorial Society. Britishers used this palace during the time of Quit India movement as prison for Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi.

3.Shaniwar wada – This was the palace built by Bajirao –I and it was used as the main center of Peshwas. Since it was used as the headquarters the palace was built with all security features at that period. The palace was destroyed by a fire and you can still see the remains of palace there.

4.Rajgad Fort – The importance of Rajgad Fort is that was the favourite fort of Shivaji and first mountain capital. The construction of fort is very amazing and it was the most difficult fort to attack.

5.Vishram Baug Wada – This three story palace shows the talent of Peshwa artists. It has got lot of wood works which shows the beauty of Peshwa art. But unfortunately it was used as a jail after Peshwas and now it is used as a museum.

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