Peshwa Udyan: Best Garden in Pune

Peshwa Udyan of Pune is one of the most famed garden areas of the city of Pune. The Pune Municipal Corporation maintains this Peshwa Udyan. At a distance from the Peshwa Udyan Zoo within the premises of the gardens, there are also provision for some animal rides and boating. These preparations are undertake by the government.

While the Talayatala Ganpati temple was reputable close to the region, the sand which was extract from the site of excavation at the same time as digging the lake was kept in a giant heap nearby. The Peshwas planted trees on this place. Later, the Pune Municipal Corporation constructs a garden and a zoo in this place and renamed it the Peshwa Udyan behind the original builders.

Besides the usual sea-saws and slides which are general to nearly all gardens, there is also a special tiny train for children which are well-known as ‘Phool Rani’.
Some people come here now to relax or for the point of having a picnic.
The Peshwa Udyan Zoo plays host too lots of species of wild animals and reptiles and a variety of types of birds. Away from each other from wandering about the area with children and availing of a joy ride in the toy train, the park also offers plenty opportunity for sightseeing.

The Peshwa Udyan of Pune relics open from 9 am to 5:30 pm. The entry fees happen to be Re 1 for children and Rs 2 for adults. The charges for the enjoyment train are Rs 3 for adults and Re1 for children.

The Peshwa Udyan at Pune is one of the some garden sites of Pune boasting of regular visitors.

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