Visapur fort attraction and nearby tourist places to visit


Visapur Fort

Visapur fort is built by Balaji Vishwanath. Balaji Vishwanath was first Peshwa and he built this fort to provide more protection to nearby Lohagad fort. This fort is larger in area than Lohagad and has very good stone wall protection. Visapur is located about 50 KM from Pune. Lohagad fort was very difficult to win so British used Visapur for placing their cannons and guns. In 1818 AD English won the Visapur and Lohagad. The fort has the cannon and gun ruins. Important attraction of fort is rock climbing. From fort base there is small waterfall which leads to the fort. It is fun to climb using those waterfall rocks. Visapur is awesome place to visit in rain season. The fort is covered by various hills that gives eye catching view of environment.

Main attraction of Visapur

1. Stone built house – Peshwa’s palace.
2. Curved fort wall
3. Lohagad fort and beautiful hill views

Nearby tourist places to visit

1. Lohagad fort ( 1 Km)
2. Karla Caves ( 8 Km)
3. Ekvira Devi temple (9 Km)

How to reach Visapur

From Pune

Pune Railway station–> Malvali Station –> Visapur/Lohgad base

Pune –> Wakad –> National Highway 4(Old Pune-Mumbai Highway) –>Ekvira Devi/Lohagad square –> Visapur/Lohagad base

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