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Deccan Gymkhana Tea Stall in Pune

Deccan Gymkhana Tea Stall or Appa Canteen

Deccan Gymkhana Tea Stall or Appa Canteen as it is popularly called is a very old tea stall which is more than 60 years old. This tea stall has really a good reputation even though lot of modern restaurants are coming up in Pune.

Appa Canteen is one of the most popular restaurants in Pune city. Ramachandra Nagesh Bhat or Appa as he is popularly called started Appa Canteen 60 years ago. For more than 50 years, this man Appa use to reach his canteen in the early morning at 4.00 AM and then go to buy vegetables and comes back after buying the vegetables and starts preparing steaming hot Idlis, or Sabudana Khichidi for the breakfast. Now Appa is more than 82 years old. Even the NRIs also visit this tea stall for the breakfast offered by Appa. The NRIs also often write to him and send their photos.

Ramachandra Mahesh Bhat, the founder of Appa Canteen in Pune

Appa Canteen small restaurant is being run by Bhat family and has very good reputation in Pune city. This restaurant is a favourite for all Punerites for many decades. This restaurant maintains the tradition and taste of indian food. Appa Canteen has been and is now also the favourite for many generations of Puneites.

The restaurant was washed off in the year 1961 during Panshet Floods and Appa has again rebuilt the restaurant by beginning from scratch. Many of his customers helped him to rebuild the restaurant. This is the only restaurant which did not change since its inception.

Ramachandra Mahesh Bhat with his sons Srikant and Shasikant of Appa Canteen in Pune Appa’s canteen and Coca Cola share a long relationship. A sticker that dates back to 1954. Another placard from 1974 just before Coke had to wind up operations in India. ” I have sold Coke for One Rupee in 1974, in fact, for 90 paise … loose change was a problem. Today, I sell it for Rs.12 !” adds Shrikant Bhat, the elder second generation Appa!

Sabudana Kichidi at Appa Canteen in Pune

Menu of Appa’s Canteen in Pune

The menu card of Appa’s Canteen is as follow:

  • Monday – Morning: Sabudana Khichadi + Kakadi,
  • Dosa, Shira.
Dosa at Appa Canteen in Pune
  • Monday – Evening: Dahi Wada, Batata Wada, Masale Wada, Dosa, Tomato Omelette, Bhaji, Kachori (stopped since 1992 but available against orders).The evening menu has remained unchanged for each and EVERY DAY for just about 60 years ! And is the same every evening to date.
Upeet at Appa Canteen in Pune
  • Tuesday – Morning: Upeet, Wada Sambar, Dosa, Sheera.


  • Wednesday – Morning: Idli Sambar with Shev, Kanda Pohe, Shira.


  • Thursday – Morning: Sabudana Khichdi Kakdi, Dosa, Sheera
Idli Sambhar at Appa Canteen in Pune
  • Friday – Morning: Idli Sambar (started in 1957 by demand) + Upeet.


  • Saturday -Morning: Sabudana Khichdi Kakdi, Sheera, Dosa.


  • Sunday – Morning: Idli Sambar, Kanda Pohe.Matar Usal with slice is available round the year.
    Kanda Pohe at Appa Canteen in Pune
    Many prominent personalities like late Shakuntala Paranjpye & her father Wrangler Paranjpye, and Prominent sports personalities like Ramanathan Krishnan, his son Ramesh Krishnan, Sashi Menon, Nandan Bal, Sujay Ghorpade and of course the original billiards champion Wilson Jones were regular visitors to this restaurant.If you are a Puneite and familiar with Appa’s Canteen – you need no invitation. But for new visitors to Pune, please make a visit to this restaurant.

    Address of Appa Canteen

    The address of this canteen is given below:

    Appa’s Canteen Or Deccan Gymkhana Tea Stall
    Next to the Billiards Department, Deccan Gymkhana,
    PUNE 411 004.
    Timings : Mornings 8 a.m. to 11.p.m. Evenings 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

    That is all about Appa canteen in Pune. Every one should visit this canteen at least once in their life time and taste the food there.


Shaniwar Wada: The Royal Fort of Peshwa

 Shaniwar Wada: The Royal Fort of Peshwa

Shaniwar Wada is located in Shaniwar Peth, close to the railway station of Pune. It is a fort, whose establishment was laid down through Peshwa Baji Rao in the year 1729-30. It was getting two years to complete whole the fort and afterward, lots of additions were also finished to it by the successor of Baji Rao. The wonderful architecture of the fort speaks volumes about the skill of the Peshwas in the field of town planning. The whole complex of the Shaniwar Wada comprise of fountains, courtyards, blooming gardens, offices, audience halls along with residential quarters.

In 1827, a fire engulfed the fort and. The overwhelming fire led to the destruction of the attractiveness of the palace, along with all of its artifacts also. All one can observe now is the huge gate of the fort, with it’s on the outside stonewalls, bastions and small gates. The core gate is known as the Dilli Darwaja (Delhi Gate), even as the other gates are well-known as Mastani or Alibahadur Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja and Narayan Darwaja. On the other hand, Shaniwarwada Fort still counts surrounded by the major attractions of the Puna city of India.

The city middle inside the Shaniwar Wada of Pune serve as a reflection of how the fort initially looked like, earlier than the fire broke out. On the walls of the fort, one can observe paintings depicting scenes starting the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. The sixteen-petal lotus-shaped fountain standing in the Shaniwar Wada stands as a proof of the beautiful craftsmanship of that time. A light and sound is also detained here everyday, between 7:15 pm and 8:10 pm in Marathi and between 8:15 pm to 9:10 pm in English.

Visapur fort attraction and nearby tourist places to visit


Visapur Fort

Visapur fort is built by Balaji Vishwanath. Balaji Vishwanath was first Peshwa and he built this fort to provide more protection to nearby Lohagad fort. This fort is larger in area than Lohagad and has very good stone wall protection. Visapur is located about 50 KM from Pune. Lohagad fort was very difficult to win so British used Visapur for placing their cannons and guns. In 1818 AD English won the Visapur and Lohagad. The fort has the cannon and gun ruins. Important attraction of fort is rock climbing. From fort base there is small waterfall which leads to the fort. It is fun to climb using those waterfall rocks. Visapur is awesome place to visit in rain season. The fort is covered by various hills that gives eye catching view of environment.

Main attraction of Visapur

1. Stone built house – Peshwa’s palace.
2. Curved fort wall
3. Lohagad fort and beautiful hill views

Nearby tourist places to visit

1. Lohagad fort ( 1 Km)
2. Karla Caves ( 8 Km)
3. Ekvira Devi temple (9 Km)

How to reach Visapur

From Pune

Pune Railway station–> Malvali Station –> Visapur/Lohgad base

Pune –> Wakad –> National Highway 4(Old Pune-Mumbai Highway) –>Ekvira Devi/Lohagad square –> Visapur/Lohagad base